Hong Kong Welcoming Communications Manager

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Welcoming Committee For HongKongers

Communications are central to the project. Part of the Welcoming Committees remit is to help communicate the story of efforts to welcome Hong Kongers: this involves the Welcoming Committee both projecting stories itself and supporting local and national welcoming organisations to do so.

The role requires strong written and verbal communication skills and knowledge and experience of how the UK media works. We would expect the successful candidate to have at least 2-3 years experience in a communications, media or journalism role. Experience of using social media platforms and updating websites is also desirable. Building good working relationships with organisations working to welcome Hong Kongers, journalists, influencers and BN(O) Hong Kongers themselves will be an important part of the job and experience of working with a range of stakeholders is desirable.

The role also requires good administrative and organisational skills and the ability to work well in a small team. An understanding of the situation for Hong Kongers and/or the ability to speak Cantonese would be an advantage, though it is certainly not required.

Role Description

The Communications Manager will work with a range of team members on aspects of the Welcoming Project, in particular British Futures Director of Communications and the Welcoming Committee for Hong Kongers Coordinator. There is a small budget to work with a freelance story-gatherer and freelance film-makers and photographers where required. They will also work alongside British Futures Director of Research and the Events Manager.

The tasks to be performed by the Communication Manager, working with British Futures Director of Communications, include:

  • Communicate proactively in national, regional, diaspora and online media about the integration and work to welcome BN(O) Hong Kongers.
  • Build relationships with welcoming organisations supporting them to place stories about welcoming work and the challenges that Hong Kongers are facing; sourcing stories and case studies; and securing content from welcoming organisations for our website.
  • Establish and coordinate a regular Hong Kong welcoming communications network, meeting every 2 months, for stakeholders involved in communicating about the BN(O) welcoming programme. This may involve offering communications skills webinars to encourage people to attend.
  • Plan and deliver one or more events, in partnership with a welcoming organisation, which secure positive media coverage. Support the communication of Welcoming Committee events.
  • Develop and deliver a social media strategy, building audiences and profile to help the Welcoming Committee reach key audiences and keeping its social feeds updated.
  • Working with a story gatherer, find and communicate positive case studies of contact and integration for new arrivals from Hong Kong; and also examples of the challenges Hong Kongers face and the work of welcomers to help address them. Communicate these stories in media outlets and online/on social media.
  • Build a network of spokespeople and interviewees who can speak to the media about work to welcome Hong Kongers.
  • Explore and develop a strategy for communicating with BN(O) Hong Kongers.
  • Keep the Welcoming Committee website regularly updated with engaging content.

The Communications Manager is expected to take part in the following regular meetings:

  • Weekly operations meeting with the Director of Communications
  • Weekly operations meetings with the wider Welcoming Committee team
  • Regular British Future team meetings
  • Quarterly Advisory meetings of the Welcoming Committee for Hong Kongers
  • Quarterly meetings of the Welcoming Committee for Hong Kongers forum


This is a 6 month contract with possibility of extension. The Welcoming Committee project has guaranteed funding until the 31st March 2023 but future funding, either on Hong Kong welcoming or related work, is likely.

The post is within the salary range £28-30,000 (pro-rata) depending on experience.

The remuneration package includes a contribution towards a personal pension plan of up to 10% of gross salary, based on double-matching employee contributions. Annual leave is 30 days a year.

Our standard office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday but a willingness to work flexibly and out of hours (with time off in lieu) is needed for this post. British Futures office is in Borough, close to London Bridge. The team, including the Communications Director, work in the office 2-3 days a week. It would be preferable for the Media Manager to have a similar pattern of working.